Kapil Sharma The King Of Comedy

Kapil Sharma who also titled as The Funny Man is a stand-up comedian, singer, actor and a skilful anchor from Amritsar Punjab India, who got popularity for his comedy show on Indian television on Colors TV “Comedy Nights With Kapil” but on 24, January 2016 show shut down by the Channel due to some unknown internal conflict between the Kapil and the channel. But He again started his journey of comedy on new channel “Sony TV” and this time he named his show “The Kapil Sharma Show” and today this show is much successful than his previous show.

It was not easy for Kapil Sharma to again start his show with some new concepts & ideas because colors channel claimed that he & his Team can not use any of character & situation of his previous show on his new show. Otherside he had also the pressure of his millions of fans from worldwide who were waiting that when his show again become the routine of their weekends.

Kapil Sharma Biography

Date Of Birth : 2, April 1981 In Amritsar Punjab India

Skills : Singing, Comedy, Acting, Anchoring

Popular For : Comedy Nights Kapil & The Kapil Sharma Show

Movies : Kis Kis Ko Pyar Karu

TV Shows : The Great Indian Laughter Challenge,

Comedy Circus on Sony TV

Marital Status : Unmarried

A Comedian

A Singer

An Actor

Kapil Sharma is multi-talented artist. He is an actor, singer and also a good anchor but thing which made him popular & rich is his talent of making people laugh. His both shows “ The Comedy Nights With Kapil” and “The Kapil Sharma show” are the two most successful comedy shows on Indian television's history. In 2012 he was on 95th in the list of Indian Celebrity and Ormax declared him as the most popular Indian Television personality.

There was a time in his life when he was passionate about the acting and want to carry his career in the field of acting. In his school and college, he seriously works in theaters but when he found that comedy can give him a bright future so then he changed his find set and moved to industry of comedy. But after becoming a comedian he also got chance in movies which help him to accomplish his dream of acting. That is why we also know him also as an actor

A Man dreams a lot but all not accomplish. Once in life Kapil also dreams to become a singer. But due to the lack of resources, he dropped the idea of singing. But really, he has good voice and many Bollywood singers has been admired his voice. Even once Lata Mangeshkar appreciated him for his singing skill and he replied that now i completed my dream.

The Story of the king of the comedy starts from a city Amritsar Punjab 1700 km far from Mumbai. He born in a middle-class Punjabi family and his father late Jeethendra Kumar was a police constable in a Punjab police. His father was a lively person and had a great sense of humor and was also a good artist. He said that “ i got artistic quality from my parents. My father was good at lots of musical instruments and had a great sense of humor ”. Because Kapil Sharma father was a policeman so he passed his childhood in a police colony of Amritsar. He gets his primary education from a PBN secondary school in model town Amritsar and completes his college from Hindu College Amritsar.

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Everything was going in the right way but the cancer of his father brings many lots of difficulties in the family. in 2004 his father died during his treatment in Aims hospital Delhi and his mother want that Kapil accept the job his father in the Punjab police but he denied and his younger brother accept the job of his father. At this stage, he decides to move to Mumbai for the accomplish of his dreams. Once he accidentally watches the stand-up comedy of Gurpreet Ghuggi. He was impressed by his style and start learning from him. He realized that he could earn good name in his field.

Kapil Sharma With Mother, Brother And

Kapil Sharma With Mother, Brother And

kapil sharma wife

Onscreen Wife Of Kapil Sharma

People expect comedy from me but I am not just a stand-up comedian anymore. I act on stage, host 'Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa' and also conduct interviews on my show. I have grown as a person and an artist.

Kapil Sharma

Some Interview Questions Which Totally Reveals About Kapil Sharma Personality, Life, And Struggle

Question: What you think that your success also brings lot changes in your behavior and personality?

Answer: I do not think so that I am changed. In fact, My friends will be able to tell that i am changed or not because they are with me from beginning to till today so they will be able to explain better that i am changed or remains same. But I can say that my lifestyle changed. Nowadays life is so much faster, you have not so much free time due to the busy schedule of work.

Question: Your journey from bottom to top, how it happened? Did you try for it or happened naturally?

Answer: I never tried that i have to become an actor or have to do a movie. I just focus on my work and i like to focus only one thing at the single time. When i rejected for The Great Laughter Challenge, i decide to try again and finally selected and i also won the title of the season. Then i worked on other TV shows but it was my desire to produce my own show. Because when you are working on other’s show, you have to work according to them. But i knew what was my strength and what can i do, so i want to start a TV show under my own production house.

I always want to make an interview funny and interesting. Because if you will notice, the interview’s questions are boring and so much common, so i wanted to do something new & creative by adding humor in the interview process. Finally, i started my show, the audience liked it and after that, all the things happened naturally.

Question: There is so much struggle behind your success ? or it was easy to achieve?

Answer: Nothing happened easily, every success needs so much hard work & struggle. I did not get my success over the night. The story of my struggle is not about 2 and half years old when a started my show "Comedy Nights With Kapil" rather my struggle goes back to 1997. I am working since 1997 so it takes much time to gain success but usually, People judge me on the behalf of my journey after the comedy nights with kapil.

Question: You learn Singing From Anywhere?

Ans: No i never learned singing, i just sing in my school & college's youth festival. At one stage i was seriously interested about the singing as my career choice but due to the lack of resources, i have to drop this idea. Later I use singing to earn some money. I do stage show and work as the background singer. Which was relly atough work but it gave me so much confidence to performance & act on stage in front of the audience.

Question: You Lost Your Father When You Was Just 16 years old. Do you miss your father in your success?

Ans: Yes I miss him. All of my family are with me, only my father is not alive today. He was a lively person. Today I am traveling and exploring the whole world and today I have everything but My father died in our hard days of life. But I think that it call life and everyone have to move on and have to accept the reality.

Kapil Sharma Family

Kapil has has as sweet and very supporting family. Once he tell in a interview that there are many talented artists like me but i have my mother's blessing and all of my success is the result of my mother and family blessing & love. 

Father: His father Mr. Jeethendra Kumar died in 2004 due to the cancer. He was constable in Punjab Police

Mother: His Janak Rani is a house wife and the comedy king credits all of his success to his mother bacause he never bound him to not to follow his dream's steps.

Brother: Ashok Kumar, he is head constable on Punjab Police. After the death of his father, he accepts the job of his father.

Sister: Pooja is her single younger sister of him. in 2008 she married ​

Some Facts About Onsceen Kapil Sharma Wife

Today the fans of the Show knows the film & television actress Sumona Chakravarti as Kapil Sharma onscreen wife and there are many who thinks that she is really Kapil Sharma wife but MR. comedy king is not yet married and Sumona too is single. She has been worked on some tv shows before but the show of Kapil gave her huge popularity across the world as his wife.

Some Common Facts About Sumona Chakravarti

  • She worked as child actor in the Aamir Khan Film Mann in 1999
  • She also worked in film Barfi & Kick as Cameo actor.
  • Before Comedy Nights With Kapil, she has been worked in television serials like Kasam Se, Kasturi, Hows That, Bade Acche Lagte Hai etc
  • After Comedy Nights With Kapil her appearance down in show on Sony TV.
  • Recently she worked in Tv Shows like Savdhan India, Ye Hai Aashiqui etc

​Kapil Sharma Films | Movies And TV Shows

TV Shows

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  • Hansde Hansade Ravo
  • The Great Indian Laughter Challenge
  • Comedy Nights With Kapil
  • The Kapil Sharma Show
  • Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa
  • Indian Idol Junior
  • Comedy Circus


Byline about this plan.

  • Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon
kapil sharma film | Movies
  • Cameo Actor In Bhavnao Ko Samjho And ABCD 2

Kapil Sharma K9 Production Two New Shows In 2017

The Good news of the year is that Kapil Sharma K9 Production is going to produce two more comedy show in 2017. Kapil informed it by a tweet that his production house will produce two comedy shows this year. But still, it is not disclosed that which shows his production house is going to produce.

Kapil SharmaThe Funny Man

​I used to do a lot of serious theatre during my school and college days. Comedy was only reserved for youth festival and inter-college competitions. Then once 'The Great Indian Laughter Challenge' was launched, a regional channel in Punjab started a program based on that. I participated in it and emerged as the winner.

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